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Bad day at work fuels awesome workout!

Thursday, January 21, 2010 by  
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Yesterday was a long, stressful and downright irritating work day. Unfortunately, thanks to cutbacks, part of my job now involves taking tech support calls from college students. Approximately 80% of the students I have the displeasure of speaking with constantly mumble, can’t express a coherent thought and can not properly construct even the occasional complete sentence. I’m totally serious. I had to keep reminding myself that I was speaking with college students, and not stoned 3rd graders with speech impediments.

Anyway, I was in a pretty foul mood (heh, this picture I took yesterday afternoon says it all) when I laced up my shoes for yesterday’s “intensity” chest, triceps and delts workout. I walked into the gym ready for war, and I definitely thought about those annoying, mush-mouthed, brainless twits while I tore through my workout. I’ve always maintained that anger, when properly channeled, can be a very positive thing: I went up in weight and/or reps on every single exercise, and I’ve been in a caloric deficit for almost 3 weeks now. So that’s one way to turn a bad day into something good.

I’d better get to work. Deep breaths.

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