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Yesterday’s workout/new photo; BodyShop update with new screenshot.

Saturday, January 23, 2010 by  
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My final “intensity” workout of the week (back/biceps/traps) was excellent! I went up in weight and/or reps on every exercise, and I felt strong and energetic. Even though I’m not terribly happy with my physique right now, I’ve decided that I need to start taking more progress photos (I know I’ll be glad that I did when I reach my goal!) So I posted a new photo in my forum journal yesterday.

Tomorrow will mark three weeks “on plan”: no cheat meals, no alcohol, no missed workouts. I’m happy to say that I’ve stuck to my plan 100%. While I’ve experienced some cravings here and there, I’m so focused on my goals right now that they have not been a major issue at all.

I’ve got a JSF BodyShop™ update for you, and a new screenshot:

Matt has completed work on the drastically improved Training Program/Workout Log section of the site! Over the next few days we will be thoroughly testing and debugging this major update to the software. We realized from the get-go that this last-minute upgrade would slightly delay the launch of the closed beta program, but we’re 100% positive that it was the right choice.

The list of items that we need to complete before launching the closed beta is growing very short. As mentioned above, we are going to miss the originally projected closed beta launch date of January 25th, but not by much.

Bronze+ members, please keep your eyes peeled for the BodyShop beta invite package. We’ll be sending the details by email very soon.

By the way, I’ve been working on a lighter theme/skin for BodyShop called “Open Air”. This theme should satisfy those who don’t care for the darker blue skin shown in the screenshots I posted a few days ago.

I also made some graphical and layout enhancements to the food log section, which I felt looked boxy and a rather stark. Here’s the latest screenshot (using the default theme/skin).

Today is my day off from training. I’m going to be working on BodyShop stuff all day, but tomorrow we’re going to hit the trails (hopefully not literally!) I can’t wait!

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