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Swelling going down, wrist pain almost gone: looks like a “go” for today’s workout!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 by  
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The swelling inside and around my mouth has gone done quite a bit, and yesterday I was able to eat two solid meals. I had to be extremely careful chewing my food, as there is still a pretty significant amount of lip swelling inside my mouth. Have you ever accidentally bit your lip and then kept re-biting the same spot because it was swollen? That’s kind of what I’m dealing with right now, except if I bite down on my lip it will definitely re-open the wound. I can’t even imagine the pain another bite in that area would cause.

This morning I’m very happy to report that the discomfort I was experiencing in my right wrist is 90% gone. That means I’m a go for this afternoon’s chest/delts/triceps workout! Even something as simple as blowing my nose seems to put a tremendous amount of stress and pressure on the wounds, so I’m a little concerned that lifting may cause the wounds to re-open. I’ll be careful, I promise. The stitches come out on Friday, and I don’t want there to be any problem with that.

I have not had a chance to work on the recovered video footage of the accident, but I will try to put something together tonight and get it posted to my journal, my Facebook account and my You Tube account.

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