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Went to the doctor yesterday, things didn’t go as planned; New trail footage.

Saturday, January 30, 2010 by  
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So I went to my regular doctor yesterday morning, and I’m really glad that I did. The main reason for the visit was to have my stitches removed, but that didn’t go as planned: the thick scab that formed all along the laceration had almost completely encased the stitches, and my doctor simply could not get to some of them. He told me that if he tried to pick the scab apart it would open the wound back up. He was able to remove the stitches around the vermilion border (this is where the lips meet the face), and confirmed that the emergency room doctor did a fine job of lining things up properly when she stitched me back together. As for the stitches that are still in me, I’ll come back to those in a moment…

I told my doctor how uncomfortable I had been all week long, and that I have not been able to chew, talk, lick my lips, smile or laugh without experiencing a good deal of pain. He told me to smear Vaseline all over my lips, including over the wound itself and put Orajel on the wounds inside my mouth – especially those that rub up against my teeth. He also prescribed Tylenol 3, and said that would help take the edge of the pain. The difference since then has been night and day. Yesterday afternoon I felt relatively comfortable for the first time since the accident.

As for the remaining stitches, my doctor said the Vaseline would soften the scab up and it would begin to fall away on its own. He told me that once the scab was gone I could come back in to have the last 6 or 7 stitches removed, or I could just take them out myself (“You look like the kind of guy who wouldn’t mind taking out his own stitches” 😆 ).

Like I said, I’m feeling much better now, and my appetite was much improved yesterday afternoon as a result. My calories were still a bit low for the day, but I did manage to eat more than I have been eating lately.

I plan to rest up this weekend, and on Monday I’m sure that I’ll be back in action 100%, and eating my usual diet. One thing I’m proud of myself for doing is not using this accident as an excuse to eat junk food or drink alcohol. All of the foods I’ve eaten have been clean and healthy. Tomorrow will mark 4 straight weeks of absolutely no cheat meals and no alcohol.

Speaking of tomorrow, I’ll be taking my weekly measurements, scale weight and body fat reading. The way I’ve been under eating I’m sure I’ve lost fat, my concern is that I’ve also lost some muscle. We’ll see.

Here’s some video of Lisa and I riding on a trail system that I’ve never shot footage of before. The trails here are not at all challenging compared to those we normally ride over at Soldier’s Creek, but the boardwalks that run through the swampy forest are an absolute blast to speed down (there’s footage of that here, too). These trails are a short bike ride from the more difficult trails around Soldier’s Creek, and we like to head over here when we need a breather between our more difficult runs. This footage was shot on January 24, 2010 shortly before my faceplant. In fact, it was on these trails that my tires became extremely muddy. I believe the mud on my tires was a contributing factor to the accident that occurred a short time later. You can watch the video below, or click here for a bigger HD version.

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