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Week two of my 2010 cut; Mastover sale; BodyShop update.

Ding! Ding! It’s time to start week #2 of my 2010 cut. I hope those of you who are also on fat loss diets are doing well so far. If for some reason you’ve gotten off to a rocky start, the worst thing you can do is use that as an excuse to give up or continue the slide. We’re just one week into the new year, and now is your opportunity to start working… [Read more]

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The return of Measurement Sunday; Tracking your progress.

Now that I’m cutting down to 8% body fat, I’ll return to my “Measurement Sundays”. Every Sunday while I’m on this cut I’ll take a complete set of tape measurements, a 7-point body fat caliper reading and my scale weight. Using that data, I’ll evaluate my progress and make any adjustments to my diet and training that I feel are necessary. If you are trying to cut body fat or gain muscle, this is a… [Read more]

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Working through pain yields an excellent workout; Cutting diet update.

Yesterday about an hour before my workout I started getting a pretty nasty headache. My sinuses felt fine, so the headache was probably because I’d been staring at the computer screen all day without taking any breaks. When my workout time (4:00 PM) rolled around, I really didn’t feel like lifting at all. Of course when it comes to working out, feelings are irrelevant. I dutifully laced up my shoes, cranked up the music and… [Read more]

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Difficult HIIT cardio workout takes me into the woods with no trails.

Path between woods and water treatment plant. Yesterday was a cardio-only day, and I decided to take the mountain bike out for a spin around the neighborhood and some of the surrounding areas. The aim was to use the hills (there are actually some pretty good hills in my neighborhood) to provide me with a sort of non-structured HIIT workout. As soon as I left the house my legs were screaming at me (they are… [Read more]

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How bad do you want it? Yesterday’s workout and meal; Today’s training.

Today is the 4th day of my 2010 cut, and I’m feeling really good about my effort so far this week. Fueled by my desire to lean out while adding strength and endurance I’ve made a conscious effort to step it up several notches in the gym. My “intensity” workouts have been absolutely unforgiving and completely brutal. My diet has remained 100% to plan, and I’ve made sure that I’m in bed early enough to… [Read more]

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Dealing with cravings; 7-year fitness anniversary!

Yesterday – the 2nd day of my 2010 cutting program – was right on plan, but I also experienced some serious cravings. Not cravings for junk food, cravings for more food! I deal with cravings in two ways… The first thing I do when I’m feeling hungry before a scheduled meal is tell myself “No way, just forget it, it’s not going to happen. Your next meal is at XX:XX, and that’s the end of… [Read more]

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Awesome first day!

The first day of my cut went extremely well! I ate all six of my meals on time, and really dug deep for an incredible leg workout. As I mentioned yesterday, my weight training will be designed with two goals in mind: strength and muscle endurance. I’ve decided to do something I learned from Mastover, and alternate my training style each week between “core” and “intensity”. The intensity workouts will be high volume workouts with… [Read more]

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2010 cutting phase begins!

It’s day 1 of my 2010 cut! I’m very fired up about losing the fat I’ve added over the past few months and getting back down to 8% body fat! If you missed yesterday’s update, you’ll probably want to check it out: I went over my starting stats, and sort of took stock of my situation. As I mentioned last week, for this cut I’m going to go with a 3 day training split. Monday:… [Read more]

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Pre-cut stats; Muscle & Strength interview; Bunny hop video/tutorial.

With my 2010 cut starting tomorrow, this morning I took a complete set of starting measurements, my body fat reading and my scale weight. It’s worse than I thought. I’ll put it this way: I’ve got some work to do… My scale weight is 206.4 pounds this morning, and my body fat percentage is a whopping 15.5% (as measured by the FatTrack Pro Digital Caliper). That’s about 174.4 pounds of lean mass and 32 pounds… [Read more]

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Yesterday was junk food day; More on my cutting plans.

Yesterday I had my last great pig-out before my 2010 cut begins. Lisa, Loki and I polished off the last of the theater popcorn (and I will not be ordering more), and then for dinner we had General Tso’s evil, magical, horrible, wonderful, chicken. As you can tell, I have quite a love/hate relationship with the General. The meal was awesome, but of course last night I slept horribly and woke up several times absolutely… [Read more]

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