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Weekly progress report; It’s official, I’m plateaued.

Week #8 of my 2010 cut is over and, despite a very solid effort on my part, I am officially stalled. Let’s take a look at this week’s numbers… My scale weight this morning is 190.8 pounds, which means I’ve lost .20 pounds over the past week, and a total of 15.6 pounds since the start of my cut. My body fat reading this morning is 11.2% (as measured by the Fat Track PRO Digital… [Read more]

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Stall broken?; Closing in on 10% body fat; Weekend plans.

I finally saw some scale weight movement this morning for the first time this week. It’s just a little over a half pound, but nice to see that I may be breaking out of my week-long stall. Tomorrow will be the real test when I take my weekly measurements and body fat reading. Even if I’m only down a half-pound of fat for the week that’s still not too bad at all. Like I’ve said… [Read more]

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Dreamed of pizza last night, didn’t enjoy it.

I often have very vivid dreams, and I remember almost all of them. Sometimes the dreams are pretty disturbing, even nightmare-ish, but I’m rarely bothered by them. I kind of like waking up from something horrible and then quickly realizing that it was all a dream. I think part of the reason I don’t mind nightmares is because they put things in perspective; when I wake up I feel relief, and my problems don’t seem… [Read more]

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Incredible biking weather this morning; Handling stalls when cutting fat.

A rainy cold front (yeah, yeah… I know it’s not really “cold” here) swept through yesterday, and this morning it’s absolutely gorgeous outside: 40 degrees, sunny and crystal-clear skies. This weather is perfect timing, as today is a cardio day. Days like today remind me why I started biking. I’ll definitely be saddling up and heading out for a ride as soon as I finish this morning’s blog. I should be able to get 10… [Read more]

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The JSF BodyShop™ beta program is expanding today!

The JSF BodyShop™ beta testing program is going extremely well. I’m pleased to report that today we are will be expanding the beta program to include all JSF supporting members! If you have an upgraded membership and are not already participating in the closed beta, then you’ll be receiving a beta invitation package a little later today. The invitations will be sent to your registered email address, so keep your eyes peeled. Please be sure… [Read more]

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Excellent leg workout; Fear of another injury is messing with my head.

Excellent leg workout yesterday! I was really itching to get in the gym, so I worked out earlier than I normally do. I had plenty of energy and increased the weight for the first time since my accident about a month ago. My strength is still not back to where it was, but it’s coming back. It’s tough for me to admit it, but that bike wreck messed with my mind. I want to get… [Read more]

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Insane 320-rep leg workout today; Missing theater popcorn a lot.

This week is an “intensity” workout week, and today is leg day. I’ll be doing the torturous 320-rep leg workout that I love to hate. This is a not just a great workout for improving muscle endurance, it’s also a very intense cardio workout. I’ve noticed that I can ride harder, faster and longer on the mountain bike trails since I started doing this leg workout again: 4×20 Leg extensions 4×20 Lying leg curls 4×20… [Read more]

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Weekly progress report; JSF BodyShop™ new features; Sunday plans.

Today is the end of week #7 of my 2010 cut. This was a challenging week for me: my work week was absolutely insane, free time was extremely limited, my stress level was pretty high and the desire to go off my planned diet was incredibly strong. I’m happy to report that I managed to stay on track, and this morning my dedication was rewarded when I took my weekly measurements and body fat reading…. [Read more]

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I need a vacation.

I need a vacation. Like, not just time off from work, but a real vacation. The last time I got away from it all was a few days in 2008 for the JSF cruise, and before that I can’t even remember. Unfortunately there’s a zero percent chance that I’m going anywhere anytime soon, so I guess I need to stop dreaming about it for now. Right now I suppose I’ll settle for a weekend without… [Read more]

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Good week; Taking the weekend off; Deadlifts; AtLarge 15% off sale!

This has been a very good week. Despite some pretty serious cravings for junk food my diet has been spot-on and my training has gone quite well. I figure another 6 weeks of cutting will put me right at my goal of 8% body fat, so I’m past the halfway point now. I’ve also had a very busy, but highly productive, week at work. I knew this was going to be a crazy and potentially… [Read more]

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