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Burning both ends of the candle this week.

Thursday, February 4, 2010 by  
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This week has been absolutely insane! With the exception of my workouts and meal prep, I have literally been working from 6:00 AM until bedtime every single day this week. I know Matt (the lead developer of JSF BodyShop™) has had an equally busy week. While I’m very pleased that on Tuesday we launched the BodyShop closed beta for Bronze or higher JSF supporting members, Matt and I have both had extraordinarily busy weeks at our full-time jobs. The one-two punch of the BodyShop launch and our busy work schedules has been quite a ride. Make no mistake, I’m not complaining! This is a very exciting time, and I know all the hard work is going to be worth it.

Despite our limited resources, I think Matt and I have done a very good job of addressing the bugs that have been reported so far. Looking at the bug log I see we’ve had 28 official bug reports, and 18 of those bugs have already been resolved. The remaining bugs are being worked on. We’ve even managed to add a couple of requested new features along the way, and we’re very excited about getting to the other features that have been suggested. As I mentioned yesterday, I know some of you are not wild about the dark color palettes used in the currently available themes, and one of our priorities is to have a new lighter, cleaner and more modern looking theme available for selection in the very near future. Please keep in mind that we’re only two guys, and only two days into the beta. We appreciate your patience. We’ll get to everything eventually!

I’ve got to get back to work now. It’s going to be another non-stop day.

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