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Starting to think about getting back on the bike; Weight way down this week.

It’s been almost two week since my bike accident, and I’m finally at the point where eating is not painful anymore. I removed the last of the stitches a couple of days ago, and the scab on the outside of my mouth is gone. There’s still some swelling on the side of my lower lip that was almost severed, and the wounds inside my mouth are still healing (but far less painful now). I have not even looked at my bike since the accident. In fact, I have not even bothered to drain and clean our Camelbak water packs. I think the whole incident really messed with my mind a lot more than I’d like to admit. Now that I’m healing up, I’m starting to think about getting back out there again. I think the first thing I need to do when I go back out there is go back to the ramp from which I faceplanted. Might as well face my fear, or die trying. I’m going to have to take my bike to the shop before I can ride again. I know the saddle is bent to one side and will probably need to be replaced, and the handlebars are also out of whack and in need of adjustment.

I was unable to eat much while my mouth was thrashed, and I think that my body has adjusted to the lower caloric intake. I’ve only been eating around 1,700 – 1,800 calories per day lately, and I’ve felt totally satiated. My scale weight is down to 194.2 pounds this morning, and that’s a pretty big drop from last Sunday’s weight of 197.4. I’m looking forward to taking my soft tape measurements and body fat reading this Sunday. If I’m losing muscle I’m going to have to start ramping my calories up a bit.

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