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What is the best macronutrient ratio for fat loss?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 by  
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Yesterday I increased my caloric intake by 300 calories, mostly in the forum of healthy fats (which came to around 29% of my total intake). I usually try to keep my carbs higher and my fats lower on training days, but I made Asian stir fry for dinner and that has some vegetable oil, sesame oil and natural peanut butter in it. I also tossed in some crushed roasted almonds, which added a nice crunch and a few extra calories.

On the subject of macronutrient percentages, I see a lot of dieters attempting to perfectly hit very specific ratios. I think there are times when doing this makes good sense, but for most people putting such a fine point on things is simply not necessary. I’ve been doing great on this cut, and I am not trying to hit any “magical” macronutrient ratios. I just try to eat more carbs on workout days (especially in the meals surround the training sessions) and I eat a less carbs and more fat on non-training days. Protein remains high all the time. Don’t make fat loss more complicated than it needs to be!

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