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Bike repaired; Great advice from my little brother.

Thursday, February 11, 2010 by  
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Yesterday after work I decided to repair my bike and take it for a test run. I gave the bike a good washing, aired up the tires and oiled the chain. Straightening the handlebars was a snap, and the saddle I ordered to replace my damaged one was easy to install. The new saddle is a little different than the one I was using, and I think I’m going to like it. Of course the real test will be to see how my butt feels after a 30 mile ride!

Once I was satisfied with everything I took the bike for a short spin around my neighborhood. Shifting was smooth and fast, the seat was properly adjusted and the handlebars were straight and true. No wobbles or problems of any kind. Whew. I’m relieved that my bike emerged relatively unscathed from the accident. I think we both lucked out.

So I was talking to my brother last night, and I mentioned my plans to head straight back to the ramp where I had my faceplant accident. My logic was to get over any fear I might be feeling (even subconscious fear) by confronting it head-on. My brother, who has spent most of his life doing dangerous things like skateboarding and bilking (with the scars to prove it), had a different take. He reminded me (again) that I am a relatively new rider and that particular ramp is not quite as easy as I seem to think it is: there’s the initial climb, followed by a bump right where a change in direction is required to hit the smaller plank on the downramp. He suggested that maybe I just got lucky the first couple of times I successfully hit it, and maybe I should avoid that ramp until I have more experience. Also, he suggested that I could build my confidence back up doing challenging, but less dangerous, obstacles.

My brother makes perfect sense, and I know he’s right. It’s just so damn hard for me to back down from anything, especially something that I feel “got the better of me”. Still, I am going to have to force myself to listen to my little brother’s sound advice. Just thinking about how I’d feel if I injured myself to the point of being unable to lift weights or ride for weeks (or even months) makes me feel sick.

Well, things at work are going to be shifting into high gear next week. We’ve got a meeting today to go over everything, and then then it’s crunch time. Between work, JSF, the forums and JSF BodyShop I have a feeling my free time over the next few weeks is going to be very limited. Still, it feels good to be busy (and employed!)

No training today, but I’m going to get some HIIT cardio in late this afternoon.

Okay, I’ve got to wrap this up. Have a great day, and train hard!

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