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You (yes, YOU) have incredible willpower, and I can prove it.

Friday, February 12, 2010 by  
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I made an Asian stir fry for dinner last night and it was absolutely delicious (as usual!) This dish has become one of my all-time favorite healthy meals. Even though I don’t add any additional salt and also use a low-sodium soy sauce, it’s still pretty high in sodium. I always hold a couple pounds of water the day after eating it, so I never make this dish the night before my weekly measurements (Sunday). While I generally don’t worry about a little water retention, I also don’t want it skewing my weekly stats. I try to keep things as consistent as possible when I take all my weekly measurements.

It’s hard to believe I’m already almost six weeks into my cut. I think I’m right around the halfway mark to my goal now, and that’s a good feeling. My progress has been excellent thus far, and that’s because I’ve been 100% strict with regards to my diet. This past week I’ve had some serious cravings, so don’t think it’s easy for me. I hear from people all the time who say, “Oh, I sure wish I had your discipline!” Guess what? You do. I know for a fact that everyone has the power within them to be 100% disciplined, and I can prove it…

If someone approached you and said, “I’m going to offer you a million dollars in cash. All you have to do to earn this money is eat clean for one month.” Could you do it? Duh. There’s not a single person reading this who would not walk away with that cash. Heck, you’d probably be in a pretty good mood the entire month, too! So, did you instantly develop iron-clad willpower, or was it already there? The answer is obvious. It really does come down to how much you want it, so don’t ever let yourself make silly excuses like, “I just don’t have much willpower when it comes to food!” I just gave you a million reasons why that’s a load of crap.

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