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Valentine’s dinner plans; New JSF BodyShop™ theme nearing completion.

Saturday, February 13, 2010 by  
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I am not going to have a cheat meal for Valentine’s day, but I am going to cook Lisa a nice dinner. I’m going to grill fairly lean steaks (probably sirloin), bake a couple of small potatoes and steam fresh broccoli. There will be no candy or sweets for me! I’ve decided that I’m going to allow myself a glass of red wine with the dinner. While I love water with my meals, in my opinion a romantic steak dinner is not quite the same without a glass of red wine.

I’m really glad it’s the weekend. Next week is going to be really busy, so I’m going to try and take some time to relax today and tomorrow. I do, however, have some more work to do on the new JSF BodyShop™ skin that I’ve been working on. I hope to have it completed and launched by the end of the weekend. I’m very pleased with how it’s shaping up, and I hope you all will like it as much as I do. I think this skin will likely become the new default skin for BodyShop. The existing default skin is not only very dark, but also a bit too much for most people’s tastes. I think I’m going to rename the existing default skin “Warp speed” because it reminds me of Star Trek for some reason. 😆

I’m going to go for a bike ride for today’s cardio. I don’t think I’m going to have time to hit any of the trails, so I’ll likely just stick to the bike lanes around my neighborhood.

Tomorrow will be the six week mark of my cut, and I’ll be posting my weekly stats and progress report. See you then!

JSF BodyShop™ beta testing is now underway! All Bronze or higher JSF supporting members are invited to participate in the closed beta. If you are a Bronze or higher supporting member, you should have already received your beta invite package by email. If you have not yet received your beta invitation, then please contact support with your forum username and we’ll resend the package to you. Also, if you upgrade your account to Bronze or higher at any point during the beta, your beta invite package will be sent to you within a few hours of upgrading. Please contact support if you don’t receive it for some reason.

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