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Insane 320-rep leg workout today; Missing theater popcorn a lot.

Monday, February 22, 2010 by  
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This week is an “intensity” workout week, and today is leg day. I’ll be doing the torturous 320-rep leg workout that I love to hate. This is a not just a great workout for improving muscle endurance, it’s also a very intense cardio workout. I’ve noticed that I can ride harder, faster and longer on the mountain bike trails since I started doing this leg workout again:

4×20 Leg extensions
4×20 Lying leg curls
4×20 Squats
4×20 1-Leg DB calf extensions

This workout requires two things to be effective: 1) You must use enough weight so that you can barely get the last few reps up, and 2) Keep the rest intervals very short – just 60 seconds between sets, 2 minutes between exercises. The 60 seconds of rest will feel more like 6 seconds. You will be tempted to take more rest, especially when doing the squats. Don’t. Also, the ordering of the exercises should not be changed. The idea is to pre-exhaust the quads and hamstrings before doing the squats.

Today is the start of week #8 of my cut. I’m happy with the progress I made over the past week, and will not be making any adjustments to my diet. I’m around 11% body fat right now, and I expect it will take another 5 or 6 weeks to hit my goal of 8% body fat. I’m not in a rush, slow and steady. Looks like I’ll have my summer abs dialed in pretty early this year.

One of the food items that I miss most right now is theater popcorn. The popcorn machine in our theater lobby has been idle for more than seven weeks now. Movies just aren’t quite the same without popcorn. I used my last popcorn pack the day before my cut started, and I purposely didn’t order more because the temptation would have been too strong. I’ve got a lot of willpower, but theater popcorn is my Achilles’ heel. It’s a good thing there’s none in the house, because I might have caved yesterday.

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