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Incredible biking weather this morning; Handling stalls when cutting fat.

A rainy cold front (yeah, yeah… I know it’s not really “cold” here) swept through yesterday, and this morning it’s absolutely gorgeous outside: 40 degrees, sunny and crystal-clear skies. This weather is perfect timing, as today is a cardio day. Days like today remind me why I started biking. I’ll definitely be saddling up and heading out for a ride as soon as I finish this morning’s blog. I should be able to get 10 or 11 miles in this before work.

I think I may be encountering my first stall of this cut, as my scale weight is almost identical to last Sunday’s scale weight. There’s no way I’m adding lean mass right now, so the scale is probably a pretty reliable indication of progress at this point. Of course there are three more days until I take my weekly body fat reading and measurements, so perhaps there’ll be a drop by then.

I get a lot of emails from people who are frustrated by stalls when they are cutting body fat. While it can be frustrating to “do everything right” and not make progress, stalls are part of the game. Sometimes an adjustment to diet or training is needed, but often all you need to do is be patient. The fat will start coming off again. If after a couple of weeks you’re still not making progress, you may need to cut your calories a bit, change your macros up, do more cardio, alter the type of cardio you’re doing and so on. The most important thing is to not get frustrated or use a stall as an excuse to go off your plan.

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I’m off to ride. Have a great day everyone!

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