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Stall broken?; Closing in on 10% body fat; Weekend plans.

Saturday, February 27, 2010 by  
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I finally saw some scale weight movement this morning for the first time this week. It’s just a little over a half pound, but nice to see that I may be breaking out of my week-long stall. Tomorrow will be the real test when I take my weekly measurements and body fat reading. Even if I’m only down a half-pound of fat for the week that’s still not too bad at all. Like I’ve said all along, my plan is slow and steady.

I’m probably going to be below 10% body fat within the next week or so. Progress gets a little tougher below 10%, but that’s also when the abs start to really pop – a nice reward for the extra hard work. As I drop below 10% I may have to add a fourth cardio day, and reduce my carbs a bit on non-training days. I’ll play it by ear.

Tomorrow will mark eight full weeks on my cutting diet! Sticking to my diet with no “cheat” meals/snacks has been very challenging, but also very rewarding. I like to sort of go back to my 2003 cutting roots from time-to-time and get ultra-strict. It’s nice to say, “Yeah, I can still do it…” Once I reach my goal, however, I think I’m going to eat my body weight in popcorn.

I don’t have much going on today. No cardio, either. I think I’m just going to kick back and relax. Tomorrow I’m going to be out biking all day, but I’m not sure where yet. I’m looking forward to getting back out there in earnest!

I hope you have a great Saturday – see you tomorrow!

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