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Today’s “core” leg workout; March 2010 TSM: forum member “carguy”.

Monday, March 1, 2010 by  
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I have no idea why I structured my life in such a way that I have 4 million things to do before 9:00 AM on the first day of every month. 😆

After last week’s fat loss stall (the first plateau so far on this cut), this morning I’m more determined than ever. This is a “core” training week, so my workouts are going to be low volume, but heavy and brutal. Here’s the leg workout I’ll be doing this afternoon:

3×6 Barbell squats (+ 5 warmup/acclimation sets: 1×20, 1×12, 1×6, 1×2, 1×1)
3×6 Stiff-leg deadlifts
3×8 Smith machine calf raises

The “core” weeks are all about maintaining/building strength. There’s not a lot of volume there, but the weights will be punishing, and I’ll pushing the absolute limits of my strength. Ever since I took up mountain biking my leg workouts have become more important to me than ever. While I’ve always enjoyed training simply to stay in shape/look good, I find that it’s even more fun to train with a “practical” purpose in mind.

Be sure to check out the March 2010 Transformation Spotlight of the Month! For this month’s TSM I’ve selected forum member “carguy” (Mike). A few years ago Mike was a classic “skinny-fat” ectomorph: years of eating whatever he wanted and no exercise left him pudgy and with very little muscle mass. After losing the fat through diet and cardio alone, Mike finally discovered the weight room and started packing on the mass! Mike has been part of the JSF community for almost a half-decade, and over the years he has been a major source of inspiration for other ectos who feel that putting on muscle is next to impossible.

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