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Enjoying my week off from training; Back feeling better; Cranky on Facebook.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 by  
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I am enjoying my week off from training. My body was telling me that now is the right time for a little break, and I think I did the right thing by listening. My back, right shoulder and right wrist have all been giving me trouble lately, and I want to give those areas a chance to heal up. I’m not going to do myself any good if I make those minor, but annoying, injuries worse. Blowing out my bad shoulder or back would really be a problem this deep into my cut.

My back is already feeling much better this morning, and I’m obviously very happy about that. There’s still some pain in my lower back, but I’m sure that by Monday I’ll be 100% and can resume squatting!

So last night I had another barbecue craving attack, and I did some complaining on Facebook about it. Actually I merely mentioned it and didn’t complain at all, but then the replies with different opinions started piling up. Some people said to give in and have the cheat meal, some people said ride it out, some admired my dedication… I knew I wasn’t going to give in, but it wasn’t easy. I think I’ve done I pretty good job of explaining why I absolutely must go “all or nothing” when I cut; there simply is no middle ground with me. That’s how I’m wired, and I can not change that. I have to admit that between the horrible cravings and all the armchair quarterbacking I started feeling pretty cranky. :o

I’d better get some breakfast going, I’m starving!

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