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Feeling restless; BodyShop beta testers: we need your feedback!

Thursday, March 18, 2010 by  
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I always feel restless when I take a week off from training. Yesterday afternoon around the time I would normally be working out I was on a business call and I paced the entire house like 30 times. Actually I tend to walk around when I’m on the phone anyway, but yesterday I realized that I felt anxious and had all this pent-up energy. But this is a good thing, I know I’m going to have some excellent workouts next week!

Because I’m not working out or even doing cardio this week I don’t expect to lose much, if any, fat. I’m keeping my diet clean, though, so who knows. As of this morning I’m at the exact same weight that I was at when I did last Sunday’s weekly measurements and progress report. While I’m eager to complete this cut, I know that the week off from training was pretty much a requirement to avoid injury.

The BodyShop closed beta is continuing and going quite well. Beta testers, now that you’ve been using the system for a while, please take some time to post your honest thoughts in the BodyShop Comments and Questions forum. What do you like? What don’t you like? Have you found part of the site confusing, or areas that need improvement? Those of you who have used other fitness tracking sites (such as Fit Day or Daily Burn), how does BodyShop compare? Your feedback is important, and much appreciated!

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. I guess taking a personal day on Monday combined with the time change has my internal clock all messed up. I hope you all have a good day – see ya tomorrow!

JSF BodyShop™ beta testing is now underway! All Bronze or higher JSF supporting members are invited to participate in the closed beta. If you are a Bronze or higher supporting member, you should have already received your beta invite package by email. If you have not yet received your beta invitation, then please contact support with your forum username and we’ll resend the package to you. Also, if you upgrade your account to Bronze or higher at any point during the beta, your beta invite package will be sent to you within a few hours of upgrading. Please contact support if you don’t receive it for some reason.

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