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Back to training this week; My current goals, and why I’m cutting to 8%.

Monday, March 22, 2010 by  
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After a week off from training, I can’t wait to get in the gym this afternoon and destroy my legs! Aside from a small amount of pain in my lower back, all the other minor injuries are gone. As I mentioned yesterday, I am going to avoid squats for another week or so that my back can fully recover. I have a great leg press system which allows me to choose between two different angles while seated, and I can even do vertical leg presses. I’m glad that I have some options available to me. That said, I don’t really consider the leg press a replacement for squats, but it can be a useful exercise. For example, the leg press is a good exercise if you want to hit your quads with a huge amount of weight (like most people, I can leg press more weight than I can squat).

I know some of you are still getting snow (sorry!) but things are really warming up here. The warmer weather has given me a nice boost in motivation, and is helping me to stay focused on my goal as I enter the 12th week of my cut. I want to mention that while my goal on this cut is to get down to 8% body fat, getting into “photo shoot” shape is not why I’m cutting right now. I’m not minimizing anyone else’s goals here; I think training for aesthetics is a very worthwhile and valid goal! But I’ve more than proven to myself that I can do all that stuff, and after 7 years of cutting and bulking and training for aesthetics, I’ve found myself completely bored with all of that. So taking progress pictures and stuff like that is no longer important to me. Once I reach my goal I want to be able to relax my diet a bit, enjoy the summer and continue to train for performance – specifically mountain biking performance. Dropping my body fat will make me lighter and faster, and will give me some flexibility with my summer diet.

I guess I’d better get to work – lots to do today. Train hard!

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