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Despite lower back pain, excellent week of workouts; Weekend plans.

Friday, March 26, 2010 by  
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This has been a very busy and productive week for me. There’s lots going on at work, but I’ve been right on target with my diet and my training has gone extremely well. My legs were not quite as sore as I expected them to be, but my chest and triceps are absolutely destroyed from Wednesday’s awesome workout. Today is my final weight training workout of the week, back and biceps. Because my lower back is still hurting, I’m going to do rack pulls instead of deadlifts. Man… a week without squats and deadlifts? Hopefully my back will be feeling better soon.

I’d planned to do the big spring mulch project on Saturday, but with my back still not 100% I think that would be a real bad idea. Spreading 12 yards of mulch one shovelful at a time is backbreaking work under the best of circumstances. There are plenty of other spring project to accomplish, so I’m going to do a huge spring cleaning tomorrow, and will push the mulch project off until next weekend. I’m looking forward to getting all these spring projects done so I can get back out on the trails. Right now, however, I’m in project mode.

I’d better get to work, it’s going to be another very busy day. Happy Friday!

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