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Final workout of my cut; Gained strength while cutting fat; May “100 Challenge”.

Today is the final workout (back/traps/biceps) of 2010 cut! I’m going to finish up with a bang, and make this last workout an exceptional one. I’m deadlifting, squatting and benching more now at 180 pounds than I was back in January at 206 pounds. I very happy that I’ve managed to increase my strength while cutting body fat. I feel that the low volume, very heavy compound-focused “core” workouts combined with my clean diet are… [Read more]

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Summer maintenance training; Incredible weather for my cardio this morning.

Yesterday I talked a bit about my diet plan for the summer, and what I’ll be doing to keep my body fat at 10% or less. As for weight training over the summer, I’m going to continue with the same 3-day split that I’m using now (Monday: Legs, Wednesday: Chest/Delts/Triceps, Friday: Back, Biceps, Traps). My workouts will be similar to what I’m doing now, a combination of heavy compounds sets mixed in with some more… [Read more]

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End of cut celebration will be two full days; My summer maintenance program.

As I mentioned earlier this week, Lisa’s parents are going to come over Sunday to help celebrate the end of my cut. Sunday will be a total “free” day – no training and no restrictions on my diet. I’ve also decided to take Monday off from work, and so has Lisa. Lisa’s parents are going to spend the night on Sunday, and we’re going to keep the party going through Monday. I know I mentioned… [Read more]

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Reflecting on the challenges of this cut; I hate riding slow.

Knowing my cut ends on Sunday is making this final week exceptionally easy to get through. At this point in the cut I’ve been strict for so long that, dietary speaking, I’m practically on autopilot anyway. I remember around midway through the cut I was dealing with fairly regular cravings that were so intense I felt like I was going insane. I refused to give in to the cravings, and once I got through that… [Read more]

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Fun weekend; New garden photos; End of cut celebration plans.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend! My original plan for the weekend was to relax and watch some movies, but the weather was so nice I couldn’t stand being inside. I spent almost the entire weekend outside washing and detailing the cars, riding my bike and working in the yard. Yesterday I’d planned on doing an afternoon HIIT cardio workout on the bike, but I wound up doing about two hours of fairly intense… [Read more]

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Week 16 of my 2010 cut: Sunday progress report. Just one more week of cutting!

Week #16 of my 2010 cut is in the books! This past week I lowered my daily caloric intake, had some great weight training workouts and I upped the intensity of my HIIT cardio sessions. Let’s take a look at the numbers and see how I did… My scale weight this morning is 180.6 pounds. That means over the past week I’ve lost 4 pounds – wow! You may recall that the week prior to… [Read more]

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Bike ride this morning; Is this the final week of my 2010 cut?!

I’m so glad the weekend is finally here. This past week has been a pretty stressful one, and I’m looking forward to a couple days off from everything. The weather is awesome this morning, so as soon as I finish writing this update I’m going to go for a bike ride with Lisa. I want to wash and detail the cars before it gets hot, so we’re going to stick close to the neighborhood for… [Read more]

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HIIT bike route; Loki still sick; AtLarge Nutrition sale.

Yesterday before work I went out on a great bike ride around the neighborhood. Through trial and error I’ve created a really good free-form HIIT route that has an excellent mix of uphill climbs, flat areas and a couple of downhill sections. The route is around 7.5 miles in total, and it takes me about 30 minutes to complete the run. I try to improve on my average speed each time I ride this route,… [Read more]

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Had to force myself to train yesterday, glad I did!; Loki update.

Yesterday morning when I woke up I felt like I was pretty well caught up on my sleep (the night prior I barely slept). As the day wore on I could tell that I was still not fully recharged, and by the time my workout rolled around I was actually feeling quite lazy. I briefly considered skipping the workout, but I figured I might as well get in the gym and try to push through… [Read more]

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Crazy weight drop this week; Loki update; 2010 cut almost over.

Wow, absolutely crazy scale weight drop over the past couple of days – especially this late into my cut. Just since Sunday I’m down 3.4 pounds. I mentioned on Sunday that I was going to cut a couple of hundred calories from my daily caloric intake, and I did, but a total of ~400 fewer calories over 2 days doesn’t explain such a big drop in scale weight. I suppose the reason for the drastic… [Read more]

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