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Smashed my finger yesterday; New progress photos; April 2010 TSM: malnar.

Thursday, April 1, 2010 by  
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Ah, another typically insane 1st day of the month! I’ve got a very full plate this morning, so I need to get right to it…

Yesterday afternoon I was absolutely killing it in the gym (chest/triceps/delts workout), when I made a really stupid mistake. I was doing flat barbell bench press/DB flyes supersets: after doing 10-12 reps on the barbell bench press, I’d immediately grab a pair of dumbbells and continue to roast my pecs until I reached complete muscular failure. Well, I was on the tail end of the final superset, and was struggling to get just one more rep in. I made it, barely, but instead of just dropping the dumbbells I stupidly tried to place them slowly to my side. Too bad I had lots of other dumbbells scattered all around me for the next exercise (incline dumbbell fly drop sets). With my muscles completely burnt, the dumbbells came down fast and out of control. I smashed my left index finger between the dumbbell I was holding and another dumbbell on the floor. Within 30 seconds my finger swelled up to about twice its normal size, and I was sure I’d just broken it. While a bit painful, I was able to move the finger and decided that it was not broken. Lisa tried to get me to stop the workout and ice the finger, but I thought that was an overreaction. I was able to complete the workout, and it was actually a pretty darn good one. The only time the finger really bothered me was during tricep rope pressdowns. Those actually hurt the finger quite a bit. I probably should have switched to angled bar pressdowns, but I didn’t.

This morning the finger is stiff, and my knuckle is purple. It’s definitely not broken, though, so no big deal. Next time I’ll just drop the damned things.

I took some new progress pictures yesterday, and I also tossed in a picture of my finger after it started to swell a bit. You can check them out here if you want.

Be sure to check out the April 2010 TSM! For this month I’ve selected forum member “malnar” (Ian). Ian’s journey from a high of 235 pounds/40% body fat down to 150 pounds/7% body fat is a fascinating one! Mistakes were made, there were backslides and even periods during which he stopped exercising and eating right completely. Also, even after significant weight loss, Ian did not have the physique he was looking for. After a complete overhaul of his diet and training, things finally began to fall into place. Ian’s transformation underscores the importance of resistance training and proper diet when losing fat, and his perseverance while figuring those things out for himself is an inspiration to us all!

If you or someone you know has made an awesome transformation, please email or PM me! I’m always looking for new people to feature for the Transformation Spotlights of the Month.

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