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In a great mood; Squats and deadlifts; Cardio conditioning; AtLarge RESULTS!

Friday, April 2, 2010 by  
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It’s Friday, I’m down to a 2010 cutting low of 186.4 pounds, the weather is absolutely perfect, my injured back is finally 100% recovered and today is back and biceps day! Hitting the lotto would be about the only thing that could put me in a better mood.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing leg presses and rack pulls as weaksauce substitutions for squats and deads. Now that my back is no longer hurting I can finally return to two of the most effective compound exercises on the planet! If squats and deadlifts are not part of your training program, then I think you’re making a big mistake. There’s really not much else out there that will give you a better return on your training investment. Olympic lifts are also very effective, but before you even think about get into those you’ve got to master the basic back squat and the deadlift.

Yesterday afternoon I did an 18-minute HIIT cardio session, and I pushed the intensity intervals harder than I’ve ever pushed in my life. I reached my maximum heart rate of 193 beats per minute on several of the intensity runs, and this morning (before coffee) my resting heart rate was in the low 40s. I feel like my cardio conditioning is close to the best its ever been (back in 2004 when I did HIIT cardio every day my resting HR was actually in the 30s). I expect that the next time I hit the mountain bike trails my improved cardio conditioning combined with all the strength and endurance training I’ve been doing will translate into an absolutely epic faceplant. Wait, I mean an epic ride. Yeah.

AtLarge nutrition has announced that RESULTS is finally back in stock, and better than ever! There’s a brand new flavor, reduced dextrose (which means 120 fewer calories per serving), a 2+ deal and a Free T-Shirt for all RESULTS orders placed in next 7 days! As you may know, I used RESULTS every single day during my my 2008 bulk, and I was very impressed with it. Check it out here.

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