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Deadlifts; New progress photo; Dealing with social situations while cutting.

Saturday, April 3, 2010 by  
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Yesterday I was in a fantastic mood all day long, and a big part of the reason for my mood was because the muscle I pulled in my back a few weeks ago was feeling well enough to deadlift again. My workout (back/biceps/traps) was on my mind all day long, and I when I was finally able to get in to the gym I tore into my training like a starving man would attack a steak.

The deadlift, without question, is my absolute favorite weight training exercise; nothing else compares. For the next few days my entire back, my traps, my glutes, my hamstrings and even my abs will be sore from that one exercise.



After all these months of strict dieting and hard work in the gym, my cuts and vascularity are finally returning. Here’s a new progress photo that I took yesterday. That is just the sort of motivation I need at this late stage of my cut. It won’t be much longer before I reach my goal and close this project out. The formula for success is simple: hard work + dedication = results. Put in the work, and you’ll be rewarded every time. It’s not rocket science, but you’ve got to be disciplined.

Social situation this afternoon. Friends, cheese, crackers, wine. A lot of people have trouble dealing with these kinds of situations. I have a very simple solution: “No, thank you.” Most people are cool about it, and those who aren’t are not worthy of my consideration. I certainly don’t pay any attention to what other people chose to eat and drink at a gathering or party, so I have no idea why anyone would care what someone else is ingesting. I’ll be just fine with my water bottle and charming personality.

This morning I’ve got cardio, yard work, house cleaning and a meeting. Better wrap this up and get rocking. Enjoy your day!

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