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Helpful tips for getting the most out of JSF BodyShop™: Food logs.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 by  
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With Monday’s launch of JSF BodyShop, it’s been a very exciting week around here. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive! We’re very pleased that everyone seems to be enjoying our new sister site. We’re confident that the powerful tracking, logging and fitness software tools combined with the social networking support system will make reaching your fitness goals as easy as possible. If you missed the initial announcement with some helpful information on how to get started, you can check that out here.

Remember, BodyShop is 100% FREE! If you are an existing JSF Forum member you should NOT create a new account on BodyShop; your forum username has already been reserved for you! Simply log in to BodyShop (http://www.jsfbodyshop.com) using your existing forum username and password. If you’ve lost your forum password, you can reset it here. If you don’t have an existing JSF Forum account, you can create a new account on BodyShop (this will also create an account on the forums for you with your BodyShop username and password).

On a personal note, I have been using BodyShop since the start of my 2010 cut (January 4, 2010). Logging my meals, creating blogs and tracking my stats has never been easier.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to provide some tips that will make using BodyShop even easier. One area of BodyShop that is of great importance is the food log section, so this morning I’d like to talk about that section in more detail…

Once you build your pantry of the food items you eat most often by searching the food database and then adding them to your “favorites” list, entering meals literally takes just a few seconds. If something you eat is not in our database of over 7,000 food items, you can quickly create a custom food and even submit it for inclusion in the global database. Any custom foods you create are automatically saved to your “Custom Food” list. Did you know that you can also create complete recipes with detailed instructions, macro breakdowns and even photographs? Simply create a new meal, click “Add Food”, then click the “Recipes” tab. The recipe feature makes entering complex meals into your logs super easy – just a couple of mouse clicks. Of course you can modify the ingredients in your recipe any time you like – even on a per-meal basis.

Another cool feature of the meal logs is that macro nutrients and calories are updated instantly when you add or change a food item, or modify the quantity of a food item. This feature makes nailing a particular macro goal a snap!

Also in the “Food” section are “Water Intake” and “Sleep” tabs. Sleep and water consumption are important when losing fat and/or gaining muscle, and tracking that information is very easy with BodyShop.

Another nice feature of the food logs is that you can copy a day, or a range of days, to any other day (or range of days). For example, let’s say I eat the same meals every Monday. I simply navigate to last Monday’s meal using the calendar, then click the “Copy” button and select the target date. This feature saves a lot of time! You can even copy another member’s food logs to your own food logs using the same method!

Finally, in the food log section you’ll see a “Breakdown” tab. This tab displays a pie chart of your macro breakdown for that day’s food log. There’s also code below the pie chart that allows you to quickly share your macro chart on the JSF Forums. There’s even HTML code that will allow you to post the chart to your blog or web site.

I want to remind everyone about the monthly BodyShop prize draws we’ll be holding! The first prize draw is sponsored by AtLarge Nutrition, and will be held on May 31, 2010 (we’re giving everyone a little extra time to accumulate BodyShop Points for the first prize drawing). To see the awesome prize package the winner will receive and get registered, check out this page (BodyShop account required). To qualify for this drawing, all you need to do is accumulate 250 BodyShop Points and refer at least 1 person to the site. Earning BodyShop Points is as simple as using the site! Every time you add a food log, post a status update, add a training log and most other activities you earn BodyShop Points. You can see how many points you’ve earned from your main portal page under the “Information” section. Click the Question Mark icon to the right of the points display to see a detailed view. To earn referral credits just tell all your friends about BodyShop, and make sure that when they create an account that they specify your username or email address as the person who referred them. That’s all there is to it!

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