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Good weather for tomorrow’s cardio (mulch project); Yesterday’s HIIT workout.

Friday, April 9, 2010 by  
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It looks like I managed to pick an absolutely perfect day for our annual spring mulch project! There’s a rainy front blowing through today, and tomorrow (the day of the project) we’ll enjoy crystal-clear skies and a high of just 79 degrees. We’ve only got six yards of mulch to spread this year – practically nothing compared to years past. I remember one year we had to spread 20 yards of mulch. It took me and Lisa two backbreaking days from sun up to sun down to complete the project. That was horrible. Last year we spread 10 yards of mulch, and that was a long, difficult day. Six yards will feel like a walk in the park by comparison. Once of the reasons we need so much less mulch this year is because our landscape designer planted Asiatic Jasmine (a creeping ground cover) all through the very large bed that extends the entire length of our backyard fence (like 150 feet). It took a couple of years, but now the Jasmine has completely covered the bed, and no longer needs to be mulched. This bed also happens to be the furthest away from the driveway (where the mulch will be dumped), so that’s another nice plus.

Yesterday I did an 18-minute HIIT cardio workout, and man was it tough: 2 minute warm-up @ 60% effort followed alternating intervals of 45 seconds at 100% effort/30 seconds active recovery (~60% effort). One of the things I love/hate about HIIT cardio is that two hours after a relatively cool shower I’m still sweating and for the rest of the day I’m very hot. HIIT is very effective at raising the metabolism, and those slightly annoying after effects are just proof that it’s working. The problem is that Lisa is always cold, so we’re constantly having a tug-o-war with the A/C temperature.

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