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Substituted cardio for yesterday’s back/biceps workout; mulch project.

Saturday, April 10, 2010 by  
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Yesterday was supposed to be my back and biceps workout, but I decided to skip it. I felt like I had to. The reason I decided to skip the workout is because after my back and biceps workout my forearms always cramp up for a day or so with practically zero exertion. Sometimes just turning my pillow over the night of my workout causes my forearms to lock up! Normally I can deal with the cramping, but today I’ll be spreading six yards of mulch, one shovelful at a time. My forearms get destroyed doing all that shoveling under the best of circumstances, and there’s no way I’d be able to complete the project with my forearms constantly cramping up. I went ahead and did another 18-minute HIIT workout instead of my usual weight training so I wouldn’t feel like a total sloth.

Ah, there’s the mulch truck now. Be right back…

OK, so here’s today’s workout:

6 yards of mulch

6 yards of mulch

The weather is perfect: crystal clear skies and a cool 58 degrees. I want to get started right away with the goal of finishing before we reach today’s high of 79 degrees.

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