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Sunday progress report; Goal change: 7% on caliper; Early spring garden photos.

Sunday, April 11, 2010 by  
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I have completed week #14 of my 2010 cut. As I always do on Sunday, today I’ve taken a complete set of tape measurements, my body fat reading and my scale weight in order to evaluate my progress.

My scale weight this morning is 184.6 pounds. That’s a 1.6 pound drop over the past week – just about right. I’ve now lost a total of 21.8 pounds since the start of my cut.

My body fat reading this morning is 9.0% (as measured by the Fat Track PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers). That’s a .6% drop from last week’s reading of 9.6%, and a 6.5% drop from my 2010 cut starting body fat percentage of 15.5%.

Last Sunday I talked in some detail about the inherent inaccuracies of “at home” body fat tests. While the 7-point body fat caliper is reasonably accurate, even in skilled hands it still has a 2-3% margin of error. My caliper reading this morning was 9%, but I suspect that figure is off by about 1% (on the low side). After more than seven years of monitoring my body fat (everything from 30% all the way down to 6%), my appearance in the mirror and my tape measurements, I can say with some degree of confidence that my actual body fat level right now is probably around 10%. My goal is 8% body fat, so that sort of brings up an interesting question: should I cut until I hit 8% on the caliper, or what I believe to be really be 8%? You know what, I’ve come this far, so I’m going to take it to 7% on the caliper. 🙂

So that’s settled. Let’s get back to my progress report…

According to this week’s body fat test, over the past week I’ve lost 1.27 pounds of fat and .33 pounds of lean mass.

My total losses since the start of my cut now stand at 15.38 pounds of fat, and 6.42 pounds of lean mass.

My tape measurements (as measured by the MyoTape) show that over the past week I’ve lost a quarter-inch from my waist. All other measurements remained the same. Actually I almost lost a half-inch from my waist, and was just shy of a quarter-inch from off my hips and thighs, but I could not count those because I never round down when I’m cutting. My 2010 cut total measurement changes are as follows: 3.75 inches off my waist, 2.75 inches from my hips, 2.25 inches from my thighs, .75 inches from my chest and .25 inches from my arms.

I’m satisfied with my choice to cut down to 7% on the caliper. I don’t believe that I’m actually cutting to 7%, I simply feel the caliper reading is high. So my goal remains 8%, I’m just making a “gut feeling” manual adjustment.

Yesterday Lisa and I spread the six yards of mulch in record time! It only took us 2 hours from start to finish, including cleanup. The weather was nice and cool, and I barely broke a sweat. It was actually pleasant, and not at all difficult! I also absolutely nailed the amount of mulch we needed. I put some new pictures in my photo journal if you’re interested.

Other than a meeting this morning I’ve got the whole day off. I’m going to blow off the house cleaning and relax with some movies and poker. Have a great day!

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