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My latest chest/triceps/delts workout; The “jeans test” (new picture).

Thursday, April 15, 2010 by  
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In yesterday’s blog I mentioned that I was going to change my chest/triceps/delts workout up a bit, and I did – but not too much. What I’ve been doing this week is moving away from the alternating core/intensity workouts and melding the two styles into one workout. Here’s what I did yesterday:

3 x 4-6 Barbell bench press (+ 5 warm-up/acclimation sets)
SUPERSET: 3 x 10-12 Incline dumbbell press/3 x burnout (to failure) cable crossover
1 x failure body weight chest dips

3 x 6-8 Close-grip bench press
SUPERSET: 3 x 10-12 Rope pressdowns/3 x burnout (to failure) DB extensions
1 x failure Body weight bench dips

3 x 8 Standing barbell overhead press
3 x 10-12 bent over DB laterals
2 x failure “down the rack” drop sets (5 weights) DB lateral raises

I had an awesome workout, and literally could no longer lift my arms when I finished up. I like the workout I’ve come up with here, and will probably do it until I close out my cut in a few weeks.

I have a couple pair of jeans that have a 29″ waist. Obviously I can only fit into those jeans when I’m very lean. When I tried to put them on about six weeks ago it was hopeless. Yesterday I tried to put them on again, and they fit perfectly (pic)! In fact, there’s some play in the waist; not enough to need a belt, but loose enough to be very comfortable.

I think as I maintain over the summer I’m going to use those jeans as a simple, but effective, means of ensuring that I remain lean while enjoying a somewhat relaxed diet. As long as those jeans fit like they do now, I’m good. If they start feeling a little snug, I’ll tighten up the diet a bit. This should be a simple, effective and accurate means of keeping tabs on my body fat without needing to bother with lots of measuring and stats.

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