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Week #15 of my cut is complete: weekly progress report, goofy picture.

Sunday, April 18, 2010 by  
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Week #15 of my 2010 cut is complete. As I always do on Sunday morning, I’ve taken a fresh set of tape measurements, my body fat reading and my scale weight in order to evaluate my progress. Let’s go over the raw numbers and then figure out my game plan as I close out this year’s cut…

My scale weight this morning is 184.6 pounds – identical to last Sunday’s weight. My total scale weight losses since the start of my cut remain at 21.8 pounds.

My body fat reading this morning is 8.9% (as measured by the Fat Track PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers). That’s a .1% drop from last week’s reading of 9.0%, and a 6.6% drop from my 2010 cut starting body fat percentage of 15.5%.

So, according to this week’s body fat test, over the past week I’ve lost .18 pounds of fat and gained .18 pounds of lean mass.

My total losses since the start of my cut now stand at 15.56 pounds of fat, and 6.24 pounds of lean mass.

As I mentioned last Sunday, I believe the caliper readings I’ve been getting to be around 1% lower than they should be. Because of that, I’ve decided to cut down to 7% body fat (as measured on the 7-point caliper test) instead of 8%. It’s my opinion that when I hit 7% on the caliper I will actually be closer to 8% body fat, which was my original goal. I realize that this adjustment to my goal may seem slightly arbitrary to some, but it’s really not. I’m using over 7 years of experience with monitoring my body fat and measurements to make this small adjustment to my goal. Like I said last week, I’ve come this far so I might as well put in another week or so if that’s what I think it’s going to take.

My tape measurements (as measured by the MyoTape) show that over the past week I’ve lost a quarter-inch from my waist, a quarter-inch from my hips, a quarter-inch from my chest and a quarter-inch from my calves. All other measurements remained the same. My 2010 cut total measurement changes are as follows: 4 inches off my waist, 3 inches from my hips, 2.25 inches from my thighs, 1 inch from my chest, .25 inches from my calves and .25 inches from my arms.

Wow, in just over three months I’ve lost 4 inches from my waist! Like most men, the waist/love handle area is a place where my body stores a considerable amount of fat. The difference between 31 inches and 35 inches is HUGE when it comes to how my pants fit and how I feel. Of course the significant reduction of fat in my thighs and hips help, too.

You may recall that a couple of days ago I broke out my stash of 29″ waist jeans and they fit perfectly. I can only wear 29″ waist jeans when my body fat is in the single digits, so being able to fit into them again is a very nice milestone for me and a great reward for all my hard work. My 32″ waist jeans – very snug in the waist when I started my cut – are now so loose that I can easily take them on and off without unbuttoning them! I mentioned that I could do this to some friends down in the Wasteland, and was jokingly asked for photographic proof. I was in a goofy mood, so I quickly snapped this very silly photograph doing just that.

Anyway, back to business. This week I’m going to shave about 200 calories per day off. My fat loss progress has slowed, and I feel an adjustment is in order as I burn away the final ~4 pounds of fat. I’ve been pretty hungry lately, so taking away another 200 calories per day is not going to be much fun.

I had a great bike ride yesterday, and I’m going to go for another one this morning. It’s a bit overcast outside, but it’s also nice and cool. See you tomorrow!

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