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Feeling like I’m in peak condition now; Loki sick, didn’t sleep much last night.

I’m loving my latest leg workout! Even though I’m cutting, my strength continues to improve from one week to the next. I went up in weight on every single exercise again yesterday, and still did the same number (or more) reps than I did last week at lighter weights. I’m feeling real good about that.

I think the reason that I’ve become stronger as my cut has progressed is that I’ve been very disciplined with regards to my diet, my training and my rest/recovery. Before I started my cut I’d been eating a relaxed diet and I was not working out with high levels of intensity or consistency. Even though I was doing a lot of biking before I started this cut, my cardio was still not nearly as good as it is now. Performing a mix of LISS cardio, structured HIIT cardio workouts, intense weight training with short rest intervals and “free-form” HIIT cardio (out on the real bike) 4 times per week has improved my cardio abilities significantly. Simply put, I’m in great shape again!

Unfortunately last night was the first night of my cut that I did not get nearly enough sleep. Poor Loki was very, very sick. A few weeks ago Loki’s vet found that he had a UTI, and so we ran a standard cycle of antibiotics for two weeks. Unfortunately that did not clear up the problem. So the vet took a third urine sample and sent it off to the lab for a detailed analysis. This detailed analysis took about a week, but it allowed Loki’s doctor to identify the specific bacteria and then target it with effective meds. Well, the vet prescribed something called “Baytril”, and I was told to give Loki 4 pills just before bedtime. I gave the pills to Loki around 10:30 PM, and he seemed very restless almost immediately. Less than two hours later I woke up and Loki was not on the bed, which never happens. I found him curled up and trembling in a far corner of the house. His stomach was going crazy. I tried to sleep next to him on the floor, but he just got up and moved away from me. I finally got him back into bed, but he only stayed up there for about 10 minutes before climbing down and throwing up all over the floor. He seemed to feel a little better after he threw up, but he continued to tremble on and off. I stayed up with him almost all night. We both finally fell asleep sometime after 4:30 AM. Of course he woke me up at 6:30 wanting his breakfast of all things! I gave him a small amount of brown rice, which he gobbled up – a good sign. I can tell he’s still not feeling well, though, and I’ve got a call into his vet. I hope there is an alternative to the Baytril, because that’s just not going to work.

So I’m physically exhausted and pretty worried/stressed about Loki this morning. I don’t think I’ll be up for a HIIT cardio workout later today, so I’m going to go get 45 minutes of LISS cardio in on the recumbent bike.

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