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Crazy weight drop this week; Loki update; 2010 cut almost over.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 by  
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Wow, absolutely crazy scale weight drop over the past couple of days – especially this late into my cut. Just since Sunday I’m down 3.4 pounds. I mentioned on Sunday that I was going to cut a couple of hundred calories from my daily caloric intake, and I did, but a total of ~400 fewer calories over 2 days doesn’t explain such a big drop in scale weight. I suppose the reason for the drastic change may have something to do with the stress I was feeling after Loki got sick on Monday night and the resultant lack of sleep. It’s also possible I was holding some water weight on Sunday, I guess.

Speaking of Loki, I talked to his vet yesterday and she said to divide the antibiotics into two doses instead of one mega-dose, and to also give him the meds with food instead of on an empty stomach. The antibiotics are less effective this way, but we don’t have much choice. There are only a handful of antibiotics known to be effective in combating the particular type of bacteria that is causing Loki’s UTI, and two of them are extremely hard on the kidneys; Loki already has partial kidney failure (old age), and so those two meds are out. The only option apart from the medication that made Loki sick is something none of the vets at the hospital have ever used before, and is an absolute last resort (they likened it to a sledge hammer, and it comes with a litany of possible serious side effects). Loki’s pre-existing kidney issues make the UTI especially problematic because if it spreads to his kidneys he’s going to be in serious trouble. Loki is 15 years old, and all of this has been really hard on him. I didn’t give him any meds last night (on the advice of his doctor) so that his stomach could settle and he could catch up on his sleep. Thankfully we both slept the entire night through, and this morning he seemed 100% OK. I gave him the antibiotics with his breakfast around 6:45 this morning, and so as I write this it’s been almost two hours and he’s sleeping peacefully! I’ve got my fingers crossed hoping he won’t suffer any more stomach problems and that the meds clear up the UTI.

As I just mentioned, I got a full night of rest last night, and I really needed it. I feel good this morning, and I’m looking forward to a fantastic workout this afternoon! I think my 2010 cut will be wrapping up sometime in the next couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to a fun, active and relaxing summer – after almost 16 weeks of 100% strict dieting and training I’ve earned it!

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