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HIIT bike route; Loki still sick; AtLarge Nutrition sale.

Friday, April 23, 2010 by  
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Yesterday before work I went out on a great bike ride around the neighborhood. Through trial and error I’ve created a really good free-form HIIT route that has an excellent mix of uphill climbs, flat areas and a couple of downhill sections. The route is around 7.5 miles in total, and it takes me about 30 minutes to complete the run. I try to improve on my average speed each time I ride this route, and yesterday I set a new PR with an average speed of 16.2 MPH. Why does it always seem like I’m against the wind on the climbs? It’s amazing how much riding into the wind increases the difficulty level!

Poor Loki threw up again yesterday and this morning. It seemed like he was tolerating the antibiotics just fine when taken with a meal, but that didn’t last long. I don’t know what were going to do now. Even though he threw up, thankfully he’s not nearly as sick as he was the first night. I’m going to call his vet today and discuss options. I hate that the medication is making him sick, but it’s critical that we get this UTI cleared up. This whole ordeal has been so hard on all of us…

AtLarge has a free shipping deal going on, and some heavily discounted pricing on select products! Act fast, the sale only runs through the weekend. Here are the details:

AtLarge Nutrition – Free US Shipping with every order – for 3 days only!

For the next 3 days only (through to midnight, Sunday 25th April 2010), there is FREE SHIPPING with every order!

And you know what’s extra cool? It’s valid with every other offer we have running at the moment which represents the biggest savings we have offered to date!

There is no minimum order and all multiple unit discounts and free gift offers are still there for the taking.

What’s more, all of our specific product promotions are all available such as save $5.00 on Strawberry & Chocolate Nitrean 2.2lbs and save $15.00 Nitor, making for an even bigger saving!

And, to top it off we now have ETS and Multi-Plus back in stock! We really appreciate everyone’s patience whilst these were out of stock! (Creatine 500 is still a couple of weeks away).

One last word, because we anticipate a large spike in volume it is possible that we may get a bit backed up and in a worst case scenario you may experience a short delay of 1-2 days with your order. We’ll do our best to avoid this though.

Thanks and have a brilliant weekend!

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