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Fun weekend; New garden photos; End of cut celebration plans.

Monday, April 26, 2010 by  
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I hope everyone had a fun weekend! My original plan for the weekend was to relax and watch some movies, but the weather was so nice I couldn’t stand being inside. I spent almost the entire weekend outside washing and detailing the cars, riding my bike and working in the yard. Yesterday I’d planned on doing an afternoon HIIT cardio workout on the bike, but I wound up doing about two hours of fairly intense cardio digging up a dead palm tree. I didn’t anticipate how difficult getting the palm out of the ground would be! By the time I freed the tree from the earth I was soaked in sweat, red-faced and breathing very hard. So that was my cardio. I posted some new garden pictures (including one of the evil palm tree) in my photo journal yesterday if you’re interested.

In yesterday’s update I posted my usual Sunday progress report, and was happy to announce that this is the final week of my 2010 cut! After 17 weeks without any sort of dietary indulgence, I’m obviously pretty excited about having a “free day”. I’ve already got my end of cut celebration all planned out. We’re going to have Lisa’s parents over next Sunday, and we’re going to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant. I will be consuming ridiculous quantities of beef fajitas, corn chips, pico de gallo and margaretas. Once we return home we’ll head up to the theater and watch movies for the rest of the day, and I’ll enjoy my first taste of theater popcorn in four months. Lisa is going to have to roll me to bed that night.

I need to go get my breakfast going and get to work. Thanks for stopping by, have a good day!

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