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Feeling like I’m in peak condition now; Loki sick, didn’t sleep much last night.

I’m loving my latest leg workout! Even though I’m cutting, my strength continues to improve from one week to the next. I went up in weight on every single exercise again yesterday, and still did the same number (or more) reps than I did last week at lighter weights. I’m feeling real good about that. I think the reason that I’ve become stronger as my cut has progressed is that I’ve been very disciplined with… [Read more]

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Pain in right wrist; Areas of JSF to be depreciated in the near future.

While I was out biking yesterday I tried doing some bunny hopping, but pulling up on the handle bars was just killing my right wrist. I’ve been experiencing pain in my right wrist on and off for quite a long time, but lately it’s been hurting pretty consistently. I’ve been able to get around the wrist pain (for the most part) in the gym by wrapping the wrist tightly. Wrapping my wrists really helps on… [Read more]

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Week #15 of my cut is complete: weekly progress report, goofy picture.

Week #15 of my 2010 cut is complete. As I always do on Sunday morning, I’ve taken a fresh set of tape measurements, my body fat reading and my scale weight in order to evaluate my progress. Let’s go over the raw numbers and then figure out my game plan as I close out this year’s cut… My scale weight this morning is 184.6 pounds – identical to last Sunday’s weight. My total scale weight… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s workout; Great new enhancements to BodyShop’s training section.

Yesterday afternoon’s workout (back & biceps) was a blast! As I mentioned I was going to do in yesterday’s update, I came up with a new training program to see me through to the end of this cut. This training program combines the core and intensity workouts into a nice mix of the two techniques. Here’s what I did: BACK/TRAPS 3 x 4-6 Deadlifts (+ 5 warm-up/acclimation sets) SUPERSETS: 3 x 10 Low cable rows… [Read more]

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Might have to cut calories a bit more; Today’s back/biceps training.

Yesterday I did a fasted 45-minute cardio session – my second fasted LISS workout of the week. I guess I was just in the mood for it. Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll gets some HIIT cardio in for sure. My scale weight is still at 184.6 pounds, and that’s exactly the same weight as last Sunday. It’s very possible that I’m going to have to cut calories a bit as I burn off the last ~4… [Read more]

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My latest chest/triceps/delts workout; The “jeans test” (new picture).

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned that I was going to change my chest/triceps/delts workout up a bit, and I did – but not too much. What I’ve been doing this week is moving away from the alternating core/intensity workouts and melding the two styles into one workout. Here’s what I did yesterday: CHEST 3 x 4-6 Barbell bench press (+ 5 warm-up/acclimation sets) SUPERSET: 3 x 10-12 Incline dumbbell press/3 x burnout (to failure) cable… [Read more]

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Squats, lunges & Bulgarian split squats; May “100 Challenge”.

My lower body is so sore this morning that I can’t walk or get up from my chair without visibly wincing. My quads and hamstrings are very sore, but what’s really killing me right now are my glutes. Squats hit the glutes pretty good, but deep lunges are especially effective in targeting that area. Doing both squats and lunges in one workout is an awesome one/two glutes punch. Another excellent lower body exercise that I… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s leg workout; Dumbbell lunges; Today’s cardio.

For yesterday’s leg workout I decided to throw the “core”/”intensity” structure that I’ve been doing on this cut out the window. I just felt like mixing things up a little, so I did. I started off with squats: 5 warm-up/acclimation sets, followed by 4 very heavy working sets of 4-6 reps. After the squats I did 3 sets of 10-12 stiff leg deadlifts with one minute between each set. I finished off the workout with… [Read more]

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Just 4 more pounds of fat loss and I’ll hit my 7% body fat goal; What’s next?

Yesterday closed out week #14 of my current cutting program, and my fat loss progress is coming along quite well. Because I feel the body fat caliper readings I’ve been getting are a bit off (on the low side), I made a slight change to my goal and have decided to cut down to 7% body fat (according to the caliper) instead of 8%. You can read more about that change in yesterday’s blog entry… [Read more]

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Sunday progress report; Goal change: 7% on caliper; Early spring garden photos.

I have completed week #14 of my 2010 cut. As I always do on Sunday, today I’ve taken a complete set of tape measurements, my body fat reading and my scale weight in order to evaluate my progress. My scale weight this morning is 184.6 pounds. That’s a 1.6 pound drop over the past week – just about right. I’ve now lost a total of 21.8 pounds since the start of my cut. My body… [Read more]

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