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Substituted cardio for yesterday’s back/biceps workout; mulch project.

Yesterday was supposed to be my back and biceps workout, but I decided to skip it. I felt like I had to. The reason I decided to skip the workout is because after my back and biceps workout my forearms always cramp up for a day or so with practically zero exertion. Sometimes just turning my pillow over the night of my workout causes my forearms to lock up! Normally I can deal with the… [Read more]

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Good weather for tomorrow’s cardio (mulch project); Yesterday’s HIIT workout.

It looks like I managed to pick an absolutely perfect day for our annual spring mulch project! There’s a rainy front blowing through today, and tomorrow (the day of the project) we’ll enjoy crystal-clear skies and a high of just 79 degrees. We’ve only got six yards of mulch to spread this year – practically nothing compared to years past. I remember one year we had to spread 20 yards of mulch. It took me… [Read more]

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Great workout, not such a great progress pic; BodyShop tip of the day.

Yesterday’s workout (pecs/triceps/delts) continued my 3 week streak of excellent training sessions. I increased weight and/or reps on every single exercise, my energy levels were high and my intensity was very good. The week off from training that I took almost three weeks ago turned out to be a very wise decision. Ever since that break my workouts have been awesome, I’ve had very few cravings for junk food and motivation has been off the… [Read more]

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Helpful tips for getting the most out of JSF BodyShop™: Food logs.

With Monday’s launch of JSF BodyShop, it’s been a very exciting week around here. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive! We’re very pleased that everyone seems to be enjoying our new sister site. We’re confident that the powerful tracking, logging and fitness software tools combined with the social networking support system will make reaching your fitness goals as easy as possible. If you missed the initial announcement with some helpful information on how… [Read more]

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JSF BodyShop™ launch a huge success; Tips for using BodyShop; Prizes!

Yesterday we successfully launched the all-new JSF BodyShop™ web site to the general public. If you missed yesterday’s blog update, please go give it a quick read. There’s lots of great information on how you can get started using JSF BodyShop™ to set goals, track your progress, log your diet and training, interact and ultimately reach your fitness goals! We’re happy to provide BodyShop to everyone 100% free of charge! All the “premium features” (plus… [Read more]

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JSF BodyShop™ officially launches!

After months of development and beta testing, we are proud to announce the public launch of JSF BodyShop™! Unlike some other fitness sites that require you to pay in order to unlock “premium” features, JSF BodyShop™ is 100% free of charge! There is no catch. It’s all free, and it won’t cost you a dime. I know you’re anxious to get started, but before you dive in please take a few minutes to read this… [Read more]

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Sunday progress report; Really put to the test at last night’s party.

Week #13 of my 2010 cut is in the books! As I always do on Sunday, I’ve taken a complete set of measurements, a body fat reading and my scale weight in order to evaluate my progress. My scale weight this morning is 186.2 pounds. That’s a 2.4 pound drop over the past week, and a little on the high side – especially this late into my cut. I’ve now lost a total of 20.2… [Read more]

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Deadlifts; New progress photo; Dealing with social situations while cutting.

Yesterday I was in a fantastic mood all day long, and a big part of the reason for my mood was because the muscle I pulled in my back a few weeks ago was feeling well enough to deadlift again. My workout (back/biceps/traps) was on my mind all day long, and I when I was finally able to get in to the gym I tore into my training like a starving man would attack a… [Read more]

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In a great mood; Squats and deadlifts; Cardio conditioning; AtLarge RESULTS!

It’s Friday, I’m down to a 2010 cutting low of 186.4 pounds, the weather is absolutely perfect, my injured back is finally 100% recovered and today is back and biceps day! Hitting the lotto would be about the only thing that could put me in a better mood. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing leg presses and rack pulls as weaksauce substitutions for squats and deads. Now that my back is no… [Read more]

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Smashed my finger yesterday; New progress photos; April 2010 TSM: malnar.

Ah, another typically insane 1st day of the month! I’ve got a very full plate this morning, so I need to get right to it… Yesterday afternoon I was absolutely killing it in the gym (chest/triceps/delts workout), when I made a really stupid mistake. I was doing flat barbell bench press/DB flyes supersets: after doing 10-12 reps on the barbell bench press, I’d immediately grab a pair of dumbbells and continue to roast my pecs… [Read more]

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