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Today’s plans; Last chance to enter the June 2010 “100 Challenge”!

It’s been a fun and relaxing Memorial Day weekend so far, and I’m finally starting to feel a little less stressed out. I don’t have any specific plans on what I’m going to do today, but I’m in the mood to do some biking this morning. I’m going to postpone my leg workout until tomorrow so I can ride hard this morning and not feel like I need to save anything for later. I don’t… [Read more]

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Do not read this update if you’re cutting!; Cool bike ride yesterday.

If you’re cutting right now I strongly suggest you skip the following paragraph! Last night Lisa and I took her parents to Bonefish Grill for a seafood dinner to celebrate their birthdays. I’ve never been to Bonefish before, but I’ve head nothing but good things about the place. It was awesome! Good service, great food and nice atmosphere. They start you off with some fresh warm bread and homemade pesto that is seriously the best… [Read more]

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Cheat meal last night; GoPro handlebar mount test footage; Today’s plans.

Lisa wound up having to work late last night, and by the time she got home I didn’t feel at all like cooking a big meal. So we blew off the salmon and decided to have a cheat meal, which really hit the spot after the week I’ve had. I wound up only cooking two new meals this past week, which was not really the plan. I’m going to try to do better next week… [Read more]

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GoPro HD handlebar mount has arrived, shooting test footage this morning.

My GoPro HD handlebar mount arrived yesterday afternoon, but I was too busy with work to try it out. I’m going to slap the mount on my bike as soon as I finish this update and go for a ride before work. I hope it’s a solid mount – it would be really nice to not have to put the camera on top of my helmet anymore. I’ll take a spin around the lake and… [Read more]

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No time to go to doctor again this week; New camera mount for bike.

I really wanted to go see my doctor about my wrist this week, but I’ve simply been too busy. There’s no way I’m going to have the time today or tomorrow, either. The wrist is feeling much improved, probably because I’ve not been doing upper body work, but I can tell it’s still messed up. I am not ignoring the problem, I really am going to see my doctor about it as soon as I… [Read more]

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Flounder didn’t turn out well; Cooking Salmon tomorrow; Weird dreams.

I was hoping to have a new recipe to share with everyone today, but the spicy Cajun flounder I made last night did not turn out well. Part of the problem is that I overcooked the fish, but apart from that the flavors just weren’t all that good. I was a little bummed, as I thought this was going to be a good one. Tonight I’m not making anything new, but tomorrow I think I’m… [Read more]

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Weekly measurements look good; Szechwan shrimp recipe and picture.

I took my weekly measurements and body fat reading this morning. My weight is almost identical to my weight at the end of my cut (down .2 pounds), my measurements are all exactly the same as they were at the end of my cut, and my body fat reading was 7% on the nose. Looks like I’m doing a great job of maintaining. The nice thing is I’ve been enjoying a couple of splurge meals… [Read more]

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Tonight’s dinner will be Szechwan Shrimp; No wrist pain this morning!

As I mentioned over the weekend, this week I’m going to start trying some new recipes for dinner. Tonight I’m going to make Szechwan Shrimp, which is actually not a new recipe at all; it’s an old family recipe that I’ve not had in more than 20 years. I’ll post the recipe here tomorrow and let you all know if it’s as good as I remember! The recipes that I’ll be posting over the next… [Read more]

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Pantry all set for some new recipes; Fun and challenging bike ride yesterday.

So yesterday after my bike ride I sat down and starting pouring through cookbooks for new healthy meal ideas. I wasn’t really trying to pinpoint exact recipes, I simply wanted to get some general ideas so I could assemble a shopping list. I figured if I bought a number of items that lived in the general neighborhoods of recipes s that sounded good to me, then I could get creative and go in a lot… [Read more]

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Splurge meal last night; Found an awesome paved trail around a nearby lake!

Well, Lisa and I decided to have a splurge meal last night after all. We had one of our old favorites, and something we’ve not had in a long, long time: California Pizza Kitchen’s thin crust “Pizza Margherita” along with some Ciabatta garlic rolls. It was pretty darn awesome, but of course I had a restless night of sleep. All that salt makes me very thirsty all night long, and also hot. When you’re eating… [Read more]

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