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End of cut celebration was a blast, but it’s back to work this morning.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 by  
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As most of you know, the number one meal I was craving during my 17-week cutting phase was a pulled pork barbecue dinner. Yesterday I took everyone out to our favorite barbecue place for lunch and, at long last, was able to satisfy that craving. I had a huge plate of pulled pork, a double order of fries, baked beans, garlic bread and a couple of ice-cold Guinness extra stout beers. Lisa couldn’t finish all her ribs, so I had a few of those, too. Oh man… I’ve had that same meal many times in the past (minus the beers), but it never tasted as good as it did yesterday. I savored every last bite and every sip of beer. It was probably the most satisfying meal I’ve ever eaten, and that’s no exaggeration.

So last night for dinner I could have had anything I wanted for for final meal of my two-day celebration. I thought about ordering pizza, but for some reason that didn’t sound good. You know what I was really craving? A chicken breast! I didn’t have any chicken defrosted or prepared, so instead I made the same lean chili that I’ve been eating several times per week for the entire length of my cut. I think my body just craves what makes me feel the best, and that’s clean food. It’s not like I went crazy this weekend, either: I had two cheat meals and a small amount of popcorn – that’s it.

So the long weekend was an absolute blast and I really, really enjoyed it. Sometimes when I have heavy meals I sleep poorly, but thankfully that was not a problem at all this weekend. I think that’s because I had the cheat meals for lunch instead of dinner. Of course I’m holding about 4 pounds of water this morning, and I hate that feeling. I’ll be eating clean throughout the rest of the week and will begin to settle into my summer maintenance diet.

No training today, and I won’t be doing any “formal” cardio while I’m maintaining. I may try to get out on the bike this afternoon and sweat some of this water away.

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