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Computer and network frustrations this morning.

Thursday, May 13, 2010 by  
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Well, this morning is off to a great start! I was hoping to go for a bike ride before work, but I woke up to a work emergency that requires my attention. It’s a pretty serious issue and, as much as I’d like to put it aside for an hour while I go ride, I just can’t. To further compound matters, my internet connection has been dropping intermittently for the past few days. A technician will be coming out later today to figure out the Internet problem, but in the meantime it’s pretty frustrating to keep getting cut off from the multiple servers I’m logged into. It gets better! My Bluetooth mouse and keyboard have been dropping their connections on and off, and sometimes when the connection drops the keyboard gets stuck on the last key I pressed. This has added an entirely new layer of fun to my morning. It seems like computer problems always come in waves. These are the kinds of morning that make me want to get out of IT completely…

Sorry for the whine-fest this morning; I’m a little frustrated at the moment. Anyway, I really need to wrap this up and get back at it. Hope your day goes better than mine is looking so far!

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