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Horrible day yesterday, but today’s off to a great start!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 by  
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Yesterday was one of those days where nothing went right. I’m usually a pretty positive person, but like everyone else I have a breaking point. I kept trying to focus on the problems I was dealing with at work, and it was like my brain was operating at 50% power or something. There were some external sources of frustration that I think were affecting my focus, but mostly I was just irritated with myself for failing to solve a particular problem. So I went to bed last night in a pretty rotten mood, and I didn’t sleep well at all. This morning I woke up, immediately logged on to the server I was working on and before I finished my first cup of coffee I solved the problem that drove me crazy all day yesterday. This same scenario has happened to me countless times, and when it happens I know that stepping away can really help but I never do it! I’m just too stubborn and don’t like to back down from a challenge (gee, this particular trait seems to get me in a lot of trouble, doesn’t it?)

Anyway, this morning has obviously gotten off to a good start, which is a relief. The past couple of weeks have been pretty rough, and I’m feeling a little burnt right now.

I still have not had time to go to the doctor about my wrist. I know it’s important, but I literally can’t spare a couple of hours in the middle of the work day right now. I am going to try to go tomorrow, but it depends on work.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I am not going to train upper body until I figure out what’s wrong with my wrist. I’ve been fighting through the pain for a few months now, but my wrist is clearly getting worse and I don’t want to further exasperate the issue.

Because I’ve already had a very productive morning, I think I’m going to reward myself with a bike ride before I get back to work. Have a good day!

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