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Pantry all set for some new recipes; Fun and challenging bike ride yesterday.

Sunday, May 23, 2010 by  
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So yesterday after my bike ride I sat down and starting pouring through cookbooks for new healthy meal ideas. I wasn’t really trying to pinpoint exact recipes, I simply wanted to get some general ideas so I could assemble a shopping list. I figured if I bought a number of items that lived in the general neighborhoods of recipes s that sounded good to me, then I could get creative and go in a lot of different directions. The proteins I’ll be using are lean ground beef, chicken, shrimp, flounder, salmon and lean steak. Fresh vegetables and herbs include red onion, white onion, bell peppers, lemon, lime, dill, ginger, garlic, tomato, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, basil and rosemary. Apart from those ingredients I bolstered our pantry of staple items, including lots of stuff from Thai, Italian and and Mexican cuisine. I’m excited about trying some new things out in the coming weeks, and sharing the recipes with you all!

Yesterday I went out to the new trail I found that surrounds a lake near my home. As I described in yesterday’s blog, the paved trail is exactly 1 mile long and quite wide. I was afraid that it would be crowded with people, but when I arrived there was one person on the trail doing some walking. It’s about a three mile bike ride to the trail, so I was nice and warmed up by the time I arrived. I took off at full speed and completed the first mile pushing as hard as I could. It felt great! There are a couple of corners that I hit a little too hot and barely made, but thankfully there were no wrecks. Anyway, I did the second mile at a more moderate pace, and found that it was the perfect amount of active recovery for another speed run. I repeated that cycle 3 times for an awesome HIIT-style workout.

Guess where Lisa and I are going this morning? 🙂

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