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Cheat meal last night; GoPro handlebar mount test footage; Today’s plans.

Lisa wound up having to work late last night, and by the time she got home I didn’t feel at all like cooking a big meal. So we blew off the salmon and decided to have a cheat meal, which really hit the spot after the week I’ve had. I wound up only cooking two new meals this past week, which was not really the plan. I’m going to try to do better next week and make at least three new dishes. I enjoyed the Szechwan Shrimp meal that I made on Tuesday so much that I might have to make that again next week!

Yesterday morning I shot some test footage using the new GoPro HD camera handlebar mount. Overall I’m very happy with how the footage came out, and so I’ll probably use the handlebar mount instead of the helmet mount for most of my future mountain biking videos. I really did not like having an ungainly camera mounted to the top of my head, so I’m very glad that the handlebar mount worked out.

So here’s the video I shot yesterday. I’ve got some footage of the 1-mile paved trail I’ve been riding lately, a small amount of off-road test footage, an easily spooked cow and a baby turtle that was having a rough morning. You can view the video below, or check out a bigger HD version in my journal.

I’m going to go get a bike ride in, and then I’ve got to clean the house. Lisa’s parents are coming over this afternoon and then we’re all going out to eat at a nice seafood restaurant. It’s been years since I’ve had soft shell crabs, and they are in season – I can’t wait!!!

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