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Do not read this update if you’re cutting!; Cool bike ride yesterday.

Sunday, May 30, 2010 by  
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If you’re cutting right now I strongly suggest you skip the following paragraph!

Last night Lisa and I took her parents to Bonefish Grill for a seafood dinner to celebrate their birthdays. I’ve never been to Bonefish before, but I’ve head nothing but good things about the place. It was awesome! Good service, great food and nice atmosphere. They start you off with some fresh warm bread and homemade pesto that is seriously the best pesto I’ve ever had in my life. We ordered a few starters to share around the table: bacon wrapped scallops, Maryland crab cakes (these come with a noteworthy remoulade) and something they call “Bang Bang shrimp”. The buzz over their Bang Bang Shrimp is well-deserved. While all the starters were excellent, the Bang Bang Shrimp were out of this world. If you have a Bonefish near you, be sure to order these. Now’s a great time to go if you dig soft shell crabs. I absolutely love soft shell crabs, but they are only on the menu a few weeks out of the year; naturally that’s what I had for my main course. The soft shell crab is stuffed with a jumbo lump crab cake and comes with a fantastic lemon and caper sauce on the side. We were all way too full for desert, which is a shame because they had some tasty looking items on the menu!

On yesterday’s ride I took the bike off-road and explored a large section of vacant land near my house. This land has no trails to speak of, lots of weeds, some trees and a huge amount of sugar sand. Man, talk about a workout! When I hit sections with sugar sand I had to push really hard to get through it, and my bike was going all squirrelly on me which added to the challenge. A couple of times the sand was so deep the tires simply spun in place no matter how hard I pedaled. By the time I made it through and back to the road I was breathing very hard and had worked up quite a sweat! I continued on to the lake, did a 1 mile speed run around the lake (tied my personal best) and then cut through some woods on the way back home. It was an excellent ride! I have footage of the ride, and I considered posting the off-road stuff, but I suspect most would find it boring. If only I’d flipped my bike…

I am feeling a little bloated this morning from the big meal last night, and I want to try and sneak a bike ride in before everyone else wakes up. Have a nice Sunday!

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