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1 month post-cut report; Yesterday’s workout was awesome!; June 2010 TSM.

It’s been almost a full month since my cut ended, and so far I feel that my maintenance diet and training are going even better than expected. This morning I took my weekly measurements, scale weight and body fat reading and was very pleased with the results. My scale weight is still 179 pounds, my body fat reading is virtually unchanged at 7.1% and all my measurements are identical to what they were at the end of the cut – and this is after a very relaxed diet over the long Memorial day weekend! I’ve been extremely active lately and doing a lot of aggressive bike riding, so I feel like I’m in even better cardio shape now than I was a month ago.

For yesterday morning’s bike ride I went back out into the vacant scrub land near our house. This is a very large amount of undeveloped land, and a lot of people have been using it for 4-wheeling. There are some berms that are a real challenge to climb on a bike, and some fun downhills. There is a lot of sugar sand, and that stuff makes for an amazing cardio workout. In some places the sugar sand is so deep it’s all but impossible to make it through, but in most places the sand is passable, but it takes an incredible effort. I convinced Lisa to come with me yesterday, and she was not real happy once she got out there. She had to walk her bike through most of it, and the insects and ants were everywhere. I have video of everything, but Lisa threated to kill me if I post it. I believe her. After we made it all the way through through the scrub we went to the lake and I broke my 1-mile personal record by 1 second. Once we got back to the vacant land, I told Lisa I’d meet her at the house and went back through. This was the first time I’d gone through the land in that direction, and I quickly realized that there was a slight incline pretty much the whole way. The subtle incline made the sugar sand even more challenging! When I got back to the house my skin was tingling and I was breathing so hard I couldn’t even talk. I’ll bet my heart rate was 193 BPM. It was awesome!

A huge “congratulations!” to our very own Mastover for taking the Overall Men’s Bodybuilding title at New Hampshire Bodybuilding Championships over the weekend! Way to go, Aram!!!

Be sure to check out the June 2010 Transformation Spotlight! This month’s TSM features a man for whom I personally have a tremendous amount of respect, forum member “Pete5”. When Pete started training around 5 years ago he weighed a scrawny 140 pounds and had no idea what he was doing. Since then Pete has packed on more than 50 pounds of muscle, completed a marathon, attempted an ultra-marathon, competed in a powerlifting meet, got absolutely shredded for a bodybuilding contest and deadlifted 500×7 (video below). Pete is presently closing in on a 600-pound pull, a 500-pound squat and a 315 pound bench press. Oh, did I mention he’s only 18 years old? This remarkable young athlete simply refuses to back down from a challenge! Read the full interview here.

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