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Great leg workout, but had a close call with my back; Vacation starts Saturday!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 by  
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Yesterday’s leg workout was one of my best since my cut ended two months ago. It felt great to load up the bar and squat heavy again! Towards the end of my last set of squats I felt a definite twinge in my lower back in the exact same place that I’ve had problems before. That was pretty scary because in the past when I’ve suffered from that particular injury it’s been completely debilitating. Thankfully it was just a slight “precursor” amount of pain, and I didn’t throw my back out.

I’m not really sure why my lower back seems so susceptible to injury. I’ve had lower back discomfort in one form or another for most of my adult life, so something may be wrong with my lower back. It’s not like it affects me most of the time, but sometimes my lower back back really aches when I’m doing a lot of bending over, like when I’m working in the yard pulling weeds – stuff like that. In my early 20s I had bad sciatica, but I went to a chiropractor for about a year and I’ve never had a problem with that again.

So I was reviewing that set in my mind, and I’m positive that my form was tight. I’m very careful about form when I’m lifting heavy – especially when I’m squatting. That said, I think I may have allowed my abs to relax, which is something I do when I’m tired and breathing heavy. I remember the last time I hurt my back I was just moving a dumbbell over to the rack, and my abs were not tight. It was not a particularly heavy dumbbell, either, something like 50 pounds. I need to make sure I keep my abs tight at all times because I believe that minimizes the risk of this particular reoccurring injury from happening.

My vacation time was approved, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m taking an entire week off from everything! So, from Saturday, July 3 – Sunday July 11th there will be no updates to this blog. I’ll not be training that week, either. I plan to relax, do a whole lot of biking, get some projects around the house done and basically get away from the computer and my normal day-to-day routine as much as possible. I’m thinking a trip to the beach and the casino might be a lot of fun, too.

I’m going to go get a bike ride in before work. It rained yesterday, so things are going to get muddy out there!

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