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Incredible week; All about deadlifts (with instructional videos).

This week’s set of workouts have been, without exception, my best series of workouts in many months! I’ve actually had some pretty darn good workouts over the past few months, but this week I’ve just been killing it in the gym. My strength is way up, my energy levels are high and I’ve been totally enjoying each and every workout. I love it when I’m feeling like this. I went very heavy on my deadlifts… [Read more]

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Geocache and cardio: new video; Smoked out; Deadlift Friday!

Yesterday was another scorching hot day, but I still enjoyed my cardio a lot. I put in around 12 miles on my bike with a nice mix of fast road riding and some HIIT-ish off-road action. I also made a third unsuccessful attempt at a Geocache that continues to elude me. I record all my bike rides on my GoPro HD camera, but I have not put together a video yet this month so I… [Read more]

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My weird workout logs; Incredible workouts this week; Wrist pain forces change.

I have a simple single page workout log template that I print out and use to track all my workouts. This template has been modified slightly over the years, but it’s more or less the same animal that I started off with. I have literally thousands of these logs going all the way back to 2003 when I first started lifting weights. On these logs I note the obvious stuff like exercise, weight, reps, rest… [Read more]

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Long, intense cardio session yesterday; Time running out for Mastover sale!

Yesterday morning I went for an off-road bike ride, and wound up spending almost two hours exploring the vacant land across the street from my house. I rode through lots of areas I’d never been to before, mostly because there were literally no trails there. Some of the places I explored had weeds taller than me! I saw two snakes (harmless black racers) and there were so many flying bugs that I’m surprised I didn’t… [Read more]

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Weekly stats; Great leg workout yesterday, but a couple minor injuries (pic).

I didn’t roll out of bed this morning until 7:00 AM, which is practically unheard of for me! Normally I’m up by 6:00 AM, 6:30 at the absolute latest. I guess I needed a little extra sleep, which I guess makes sense after yesterday’s leg workout (more on that in a minute). I took a complete set of measurements, my scale weight and my body fat reading this morning. My scale weight and body fat… [Read more]

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Very interesting bike ride & Geocaching adventure yesterday!

I convinced Lisa to go Geocaching with me yesterday, but she didn’t really enjoy it. It was very hot outside, and the cache we went after was pretty far away. Most of the journey was on paved roads, but part of it was through the woods. There were dirt trails through the woods, but the land had prominent “NO TRESPASSING” signs all over the place. The person who placed the cache clearly stated that he… [Read more]

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Ice cream is fattening; Unexpected calf soreness gives me a new training idea.

Yesterday morning I started working on a project instead of going for my bike ride/Geocache, and the next thing I knew it was almost noon and about 6000 degrees outside. I decided to blow off my ride, but this morning I’m definitely going. I’m trying to persuade Lisa to come with me, but it’s already pretty hot and humid and she has a pretty low tolerance for the heat and humidity. Too bad, I think… [Read more]

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Another excellent week of workouts; Feeling great since I stopped drinking.

Yesterday capped off yet another excellent week of workouts! I did the exact same workout as I did for last week’s back and bicep workout, and went up in reps and/or weight on every exercise. I can tell that my strength has improved over the past few weeks, and I have a feeling I’ve put on a little muscle. I wouldn’t be surprised if my arm, chest and quad measurements have increased a little bit…. [Read more]

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Grilled chicken soft tacos; Cheat meal didn’t result in “night thirst”?!

I’ve been very lazy in the kitchen this week. I think part of the reason is because Lisa has had to work late every night, and on my training days my post-workout meal #2 needs to be consumed before she gets home. I don’t enjoy cooking an involved meal for just me, so I’ve been eating easy to prepare meals like grilled chicken soft tacos. I just chop up some grilled chicken breast, salad greens,… [Read more]

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Strict form is the rule, but is there any place for cheating?; Supersets.

As most of you who’ve been reading my blog for any length of time already know, I’m a stickler for form and also for forming a “mind-muscle” connection. There are times when I’ll break form to grind out an extra rep or two at the end of a set, but only on certain exercises. For example, I’ll often put a little body movement into the very end of a set of curls in order to… [Read more]

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