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Killer leg workout (give this a try!); Still pretty bloated.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 by  
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My return to the gym yesterday felt great! After a week of not training and eating mostly junk food, I was in the mood to really hit it hard, and I did. I wanted to do a very high volume, very intense workout and so I did the killer SGX 320-rep leg workout that I love to hate, but I modified it a little bit:

3 x 20 – Leg extensions
3 x 20 – Lying leg curls
3 x 20 – Squats
3 x 20 – Dumbbell lunges
4 x 20 – Standing smith machine calf raises

Those of you who are familiar with this workout will notice that I decreased the number of sets for the leg extensions, lying leg curls and squats by one set, and then added 3 sets of dumbbell lunges. I felt like I had nothing left after I finished the squats, but one thing I’ve learned over the years is that the mind is often wrong about these things. I pushed through the pain and knocked out the lunges. My legs were shaking so hard that I thought I was going to collapse on the floor (and I almost did lose my balance a couple of times). With just one minute of rest between sets and two minutes of rest between exercises, this was an extremely challenging workout.

I’m still feeling very bloated from 10 days of a very bad diet, so I’m going to wait a few more days to take my body fat reading and measurements. I’m going to continue to work hard in the gym, drink lots of water and will eat slightly below maintenance level for the next week or two.

Today’s a cardio day, and it’s a pretty nice morning. I’m going to finish up this cup of coffee and take the bike off road. Train hard!

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