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Yesterday’s very hot and sweaty bike ride.

I got tied up in work yesterday morning, so I wasn’t able to break away for my bike ride until mid-day. I can’t believe how hot and muggy it was outside by the time I hit the trails. I was already starting to sweat simply from airing up my bike’s tires. I had a great ride, but by the time it was over it literally looked as if I’d been caught in a rain storm. I’m not kidding, there was not a dry spot to be found anywhere on my shirt. Out of curiosity I weighed myself after the ride and was down almost two pounds from my weight earlier that morning. And I drank a lot of water while I was riding, too. The heat is pretty bad (I think the high yesterday was 97 degrees), but the humidity makes it feel like I’m riding my bike in a gigantic sauna.

I’m running way behind this morning. I started typing up some other stuff, but it’s a couple minutes before my 9:00 AM deadline and I didn’t have time to finish. More tomorrow!