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Sober Friday night; I have a plan; Great workout, new picture.

Saturday, July 17, 2010 by  
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Last night was my first sober Friday night in quite some time, and it was not nearly as difficult as I expected that it would be (if you missed yesterday’s blog, today’s update will make more sense if you give it a quick read). The first few days of this week were pretty difficult, and I know many more trials are ahead, but I’m 100% committed to this change.

Generally when I’m cutting or bulking I give up all alcohol for the duration. I’ve found that when I fully immerse myself in my training abstaining from alcohol is much easier. Even though I’m not cutting or bulking right now, I’ve decided to take that same approach and throw myself 100% into my training. As I build momentum and put the bad habit I developed further and further behind me, the temptation to imbibe alcohol will diminish until the idea of a drink no longer sounds appealing; I know this will happen from firsthand experience. You may be wondering why I would resume drinking at all after completing a cut or a bulk if alcohol has lost its appeal. That’s a damn good question, and something I’ve been mulling over quite a lot lately. Bad habits die hard, but they are impossible to kill if you don’t recognize the threat. Now I do, and this one is going down.

Yesterday’s workout (back and biceps) was a mix of high intensity isolation exercises and big, heavy compounds. I almost always do deadlifts first on back day, but yesterday I decided to save them for last. It was an exhausting finish to an intense workout, and I walked out of the gym feeling incredible. I posted a new picture in my photo journal yesterday. I’m going to start posting more pictures again. They keep me motivated. 🙂

It’s getting hot outside pretty quickly, so I’m going to get some breakfast going and then go for a bike ride before the roads start melting. Enjoy your Saturday!

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