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Wednesday, July 21, 2010 by  
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I am one seriously lucky dude. Yesterday afternoon I called Lisa at work and said, “Hey, it’s your Birthday so anything you want for dinner and it’s yours. I’ll cook, we can go out or we can order in – just name it.” Lisa said she wanted to stay home and have pizza, and would stop on the way home from work to pick up a couple of California Pizza Kitchen pizzas and some garlic bread. I figured as long as she was stopping at the store she’d probably pick up a bottle of red wine, and I was mentally preparing myself to deal with avoiding that (the wine sounded pretty darn good). When Lisa got home I was surprised that she didn’t have any wine. I said, “I figured you were going to have some wine with your Birthday dinner.” You know what she said? “I would have liked some, but I knew it would be easier for you if I didn’t.” I told her that I would have been fine, which is true, but she didn’t care. Even on her Birthday she was thinking more about me than herself. When I started my transformation back in 2003 it was the same deal: she ate very healthy with me and didn’t bring junk food into the house. After more than 20 years together Lisa’s still in my corner no matter what, and gives me unwavering support. Like I said, I’m a very fortunate guy.

The pizza was great, and I also surprised her after dinner with some homemade coconut ice cream (I was full, so only tried a bite). Awesome meal!

I’ve been sleeping very well lately (yet another benefit to not drinking), and this morning I woke up feeling fantastic. My workouts have been amazing since I returned from my vacation (the highlight so far was Monday’s insane 320-rep leg workout). My entire lower body is extremely sore right now, which I find very satisfying and motivational. Sometimes when I’m working out I’m able to push through tough sets because I know I’ll be even more sore as a result. I consider DOMS a reward for a hard workout – a persistent reminder that I seriously taxed my muscles and that I need to support my effort with solid nutrition and recovery.

If you like to browse the JSF Forums on your iPhone or Android-based phone (Blackberry and Nokia support coming soon), it’s much easier using a dedicated app instead of a web browser. I’m pleased to announce that the JSF Forums now support the Tapatalk app. Check out more details here. If you’re using a Blackberry device we also fully support BerryBlab.

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